Get Involved

Become a Chair or Liaison

Becoming a chair or liaison is a great way to become more involved with SWE and will give you the opportunity to network with faculty and employers, or just meet more of your fellow SWE members or volunteer and introduce engineering to younger girls. Sample applications are posted below; there are many positions available so check out the descriptions!

Word Chair Application
Word Liaison Application

Volunteer for the Student-Faculty Dinner

We are always on the lookout for 2-3 volunteers who can help with childcare at the Student-Faculty dinner. Many of the professors who are coming have young children, and we would like to have some SWE members designated to watching over the kids during the event. We can also use some help in setting up before and cleaning up after the dinner. Both activities together only entails 3 hours of work (5:30-8:30 PM).

You can volunteer for only a part of the event (just babysitting or just setup/ cleanup). It is definitely a lot of fun! When watching the kids, you can create various games, drawings, or more to keep them occupied.

Not only can you earn volunteer hours for helping out, but you can also get free food and get to know some professors even better.