Student Services

The Student Services directorship works to connect all SWE members. Student services organizes socials, facilitates mentorship program among upperclassmen and underclassmen, and also run various philanthropy events on campus, such as community services and other fundraising events for non-profit organizations.

Career Development

The Career Development directorship aims to enhance SWE members' skills in their career path by guiding them through various events, such as the Professional Networking Dinner, etiquette lunch, and industry panels. They also connect SWE to corporations and build strong relationships between the students and companies. Career Development's goal is to shape SWE members and guide them in finding for a career.

Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations directorship organizes all the information session hosted by SWE for the students in the College of Engineering.

The goals of information sessions are to:

  • Provide students with opportunities to meet company representatives in an informal setting
  • Assist students in learning about the company to ease both the interviewing and job decision making process

For companies, goals are to:

  • Enhance company visibility on campus
  • Provide companies with an opportunity to present their merits with an impressive presentation
  • Give the recruiters more time to acquaint themselves with prospective employees


The Fundraising directorship contacts companies in an effort to find funding to travel to the SWE National and Regional Conference. We strive to strengthen SWE relationships with corporate sponsors.


Cornell SWE's Outreach Directorship strives to reach out the community and bring excitement to people of all ages about science and engineering. Working toward improving the future, strengthening interest, and inspire young individuals, SWE Outreach organizes 19 events ranging from programs for elementary aged kids all the way up to high school seniors. The Outreach directorship reaches out to the general Ithaca community to encourage women to enter the technical world while having fun and engaging activities. These programs also reach students as young as elementary school to high school students. SWE members volunteer and work with other special interest groups on Cornell’s campus. They engage the community to raise awareness about engineering. Outreach connects SWE as an on campus organization to the community.

We target schools, clubs like girl scouts, and even programs open to the entire state of NY. Some events are visits to schools and others include having the students come for a weekend. For example or Women in Engineering Weekend is a time where high school juniors come to campus and are hosted overnight by current students. We have social events, mock classes, student panels, and even lab demonstrations where they can learn about engineering and the opportunities that come with this field.

Public Relations

The Public Relations directorship seeks to spread SWE's name on the campus by publicizing events through various means, such as postering, sending electronic mailings weekly to inform members of future events, designing and maintaining the website, etc. The goal is to keep students informed on upcoming SWE activities and opportunities through SWE.

The Public Relations directorship also includes Faculty Relations and Alumni Relations. The Faculty Relations branch connects students and faculty through various social events, allowing SWE members to network and get to know their professors. Faculty Relations hosts the semi-annual Soiree, a dinner where students have the opportunity to meet engineering career services and faculty from every engineering discipline. The Soiree was honored as the Event of the Year for the 2011-2012 academic year. Alumni Relations connects Cornell SWE alumni with current members through various programs and events.

We also create Podcasts. Podcasts are short videos of interviews with SWE members in different majors, which many freshmen and sophomore members find helpful when deciding a major. Check out our YouTube channel for more Cornell SWE videos!

Interested in publicizing your events through Cornell SWE? Please fill out our Event Publicity Form at least two weeks in advance so that we can effectively advertise your event on campus.


The Finance directorship is in charge of all the financing within SWE. This includes all the money transactions from numerous events, ranging from information sessions, industry panel, national and regional conferences, outreach/community service events, and many others.

The Finance Directorship has partnered with Cornell Business Services to provide electronic billing and payment for recruitment information sessions and corporate sponsored events. We still accept checks and provide paper invoices as well. We strive to provide easy payments and billing, and work to ensure that your financial experience with the Society of Women Engineers is exceptional and rewarding.

For more information about scheduling an information session with us, please refer to the following link.

For more information about joining us for the Professional Networking Dinner, please refer to the following link.

For general inquiries or any other questions, please email us at